Light Decoration

Accordion With Light Decoration

Medium Decoration

Accordion With Medium Decoration

Full Decoration

Accordion With Full Decoration



Blue & Black Piano Accordion Bellows



Gold & Black Piano Accordion Bellows



Black/Black Piano Accordion Bellows

Red/Black Bellows With Diamond Design

Decorated Piano Accordion Bellows - Diamond Design

 Bellows Colour and Design

The internal (inside the folds) and external (edges of the folds) colour of the bellows can be tailored to your requirements. For example, blue inside/black outside, red inside/black outside, gold/black, black/black etc…

A decorative pattern can also be printed on the bellows, which can be artwork of your own design.

Chin Switches

Accordion Chin Switches

 Chin Switches

Enable swift coupler changes without having to take your hand off the treble keyboard.

A common standard feature on converter free bass accordions, chin switches can be fitted to most instruments if required.

•  Factory Fitted Midi

Discrete basic systems to fully specified installations with a treble grille control panel.

 Factory Fitted Microphones

Internal microphones which offer an easy and convenient way to amplify your accordion reeds.

For further information or to discuss your requirements please call or email us - we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you design your perfect accordion.

Piano Accordion Keyboard - Standard White Keys


Piano Accordion Keyboard - Pearl Effect Keys


Piano Accordion Keyboard - Ivory Coloured Keys


Wood Effect Sharps & Flats

Piano Accordion Keyboard - Wood Effect Sharps & Flats

Painted (Veneered) Sharps & Flats

Piano Accordion Keyboard - Painted (Veneered) Sharps & Flats

 Gold Accessories

Bellows clips, bellows corners, strap buckles etc.

•  Compact Frame

Many accordions can be built as compact models - a great option if you are looking to reduce the physical size of your accordion without compromising on the number of bass buttons. Click here for an example of a 120 bass compact piano accordion.

•  Custom Reeds

Upgrading the reeds or specifying reeds from a particular manufacturer.

It is also possible to request reeds of non standard pitch.

•  Tuning

Musette or double octave. You can specify the amount of tremolo or type of musette (French, Italian, Scottish etc) to suit your requirements.

•  Key and Button Colour

White, pearl, ivory coloured or spray painted keys and buttons. Wood effect or painted (coloured veneer) sharps and flats.

Examples of Bespoke Accordion Commissions

Bugari Armando - The Accordion Lounge

Bugari Armando 288 Gold Plus Special

This superb bespoke Bugari 288 Gold Plus piano accordion was a recent Accordion Lounge commission and features:-

 45 treble keys

 120 bass

 4 treble voices

 Double Cassotto

 14 treble registers + master

 5 bass voices

 9 bass registers

 Finest Hand Made (A Mano) Reeds

 Ivory coloured keys and buttons

 Discrete factory fitted MIDI system

 Factory fitted internal Sennheisser microphones

Bugari Armando 288 Gold Plus Special - The Accordion Lounge Bugari Armando 288 Gold Plus Special - The Accordion Lounge 288_L3.jpg

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Bespoke Custom Made Accordions

Bespoke Made to Order Accordions Birmingham - Accordion Lounge




Accordions Birmingham - Accordion Lounge

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The Accordion Lounge specialises in supplying bespoke custom made accordions. Whether you looking for a specific colour or finish, a particular type of tuning or a totally unique instrument custom made to your exact requirements, we can collaborate with our Italian manufacturers to make your dream a reality. If it is possible and practical to make, it can be made!

Examples of options and features available include:-

•  Colour

It is possible to specify almost any colour or effect that is feasible to apply to your accordion. In addition to traditional celluloid finishes, single colour, multi-colour, wood effect, matt finish and spray painted designs including glitter are available. Wood veneer finishes are also offered.


Available in numerous designs and levels from light to full decoration.

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