Optional Extras

Bugari Armando - The Accordion Lounge

Finish and Colour

The standard finish is black celluloid. Optional celluloid colours include black pearl, red pearl, white pearl, blue pearl etc.

Other finishes available include single colour, multi-colour and matt painted finishes, plus spray painted designs including glittering - it is possible to specify almost any colour or effect that is feasible to apply to your accordion.

Optional Extras

•  Full decoration

 Light decoration

 Gold accessories

 Custom reeds

 Chin switches

 Treble mute

 Bespoke bellows design

 Factory fitted Midi

 Factory fitted microphones

 Luxury hard case

 High quality gig bag


All 4 voice accordions are available either in double octave or musette tuning.

Cassotto musette accordions can be 2+2 (8’+16’ in cassotto) or 3+1 (16’ in cassotto).

For further details and pricing, please call or email us with your requirements.